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Fine, Call Me Shallow

June 12, 2006

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Sometimes, when passing a shiny window, I make like I’m looking through to the other side, but I’m really just checking myself out.

P.S. I could still use some more Paris tips... I just found out that the hotel my parents booked for us is basically in the Red Light District (Pigalle). Yay?




I do that too. XD


The Red Light District is awesome. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sexodrome.


Ehh, I seem to do that every time I pass a shiny window. Once while doing that I almost ran into someone.


I do that too. Sometimes I’m looking at my own reflection, other times I’m looking at other people’s reflections. Most of the time, I’m searching for UFOs.

Paris tips, I don’t really have any, considering I’ve never stepped foot anywhere in France before. In Montreal though, I got by saying ‘Merci, bonsoir!’ to everybody, even in the daytime, so maybe try that.

Jesse Endahl

Ha! I do that too. Shh, don’t tell anyone.